Welcome to downdiroad.com!

As a Tourism & Hospitality professional living in Kingston, it has been a hobby of my friends & I to go exploring throughout Jamaica. Whether it’s going to a river in the countryside, or discovering a new restaurant, I find that when it comes to tourism and Jamaican culture I always want to be in the know. 

Up until this point I have always catalogued my adventures via my social media pages, but friends and onlookers have always suggested that I document these adventures in a more formal manner. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my new blog downdiroad.com!

With this blog I hope to share the adventures of my friends and I, while we shed some light on the tourism industry in Jamaica, as well as various aspects of Jamaican culture. This blog started with a written focus, but with the introduction of the #DownDiRoad YouTube series & founding of our indie DDR Production company, the potential for growth has increased! Thank you for joining us on this adventure, and if you’re reading this I implore you buckle up & journey with me and crew as we go down di road! 🚗💨

– Duane “Doofy” Phillips


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