Big ups to all the #Roadies! We have a surprise drop this week right before the weekend!


It’s been a great blessing to invest in the camera equipment that we use to take the pictures & videos we make for #DownDiRoad, and we have been even more blessed to start a freelance media house called DDR Production. We are still in the beginning stages and formalising the business has been a process, but from time to time we get requests for photoshoots & videos. Recently we were in Portland on a shoot and afterwards, decided to make the most out of the journey and do an impromptu episode of #DownDiRoad. Here are the results; a quick stop at Woody’s Low Bridge Place in Drapers district Portland. Drapers is a district located between the Trident Castle & Frenchman’s Cove, and not hard to find. Woody’s has been a local favourite from the early 90’s & they are rated as the #1 reviewed food spot in Portland on TripAdvisor. They stick to a simple formula, fresh meat used to make simple burgers with a focus on flavour.


Check out the newest episode of #DownDiRoad right here, with our review of Woody’s.


#DownDiRoad Episode 5 – Woody’s Burgers

Until the next one. Peace! – Doofy

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