Welcome To DownDiRoad.com

My name is Duane “Doofy” Phillips and I’m a Tourism & Hospitality professional from Kingston, Jamaica. I studied Hotel & Resort Management in University and currently I’m employed at one of the top hotels in Kingston.

Over recent years it has been a hobby of mine to go exploring through Jamaica. Whether it’s going to a river in the country, or going to a new restaurant, I find that when it comes to tourism I always want to be in the know. There are so many hidden gems in Jamaica and the fact that I’m in this business, I make it my point of duty to familiarize myself with many of these attractions.

Up until this point I have always catalogued my adventures via my Social Media pages, but friends and onlookers have always suggested that I document these adventures in a more formal manner. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my new blog downdiroad.com!

With this blog I hope to share my adventures and shed some light on the tourism industry in Jamaica. The content of the blog will be based in Jamaica, however there is so much potential for growth that I implore you to journey with me and watch the growth of this movement. Most of the content will be from me, but you can surely look out for collaborations in the near future. Thank you for joining me on this adventure! Stay tuned and journey with me as I go downdiroad!


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