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Turtle Bay or Turkey Bay? – Manchioneal Adventures – Part 2

Turtle or Turkey? Diving at Turtle Bay | #DownDiRoad
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Published at 2020, August 09
Welcome back to another episode of #DownDiRoad!

Here's part 2 of our Portland adventure! We went se
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Greetings roadies!

This is part 2 of our Manchioneal adventure. We left Reach Falls and journeyed to a town called Long Bay to find a place the locals called Turkey Bay. Intially we thought this was another Turtle Bay, but after speaking to a few locals & finding the area we found that they call it Turkey Bay.

Turkey Bay is a beach off-the-beaten-path in the small Long Road community in-between Hector’s River and Manchioneal, Portland. Really it’s an amazingly beautiful hidden gem filled with these picturesque rock formations that crop up from the sea. The name “Turkey” I assume is derived from “Turtle” by the locals, because of the mammoth turtle-shaped monoliths that rise from the water. It’s probably one the most hidden beaches we’ve ever been to, but if you’re determined enough you’ll find it 😉


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Turtle and Turkey Bay  Photo Gallery


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