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3 Course Meal Challenge with The Life Store

Knock Knock anybody home?

Greetings roadies and greetings foodies! So before you continue further, follow @cravnish on Instagram, please! We’ve relaunched Crav’nish on the Youtube channel, so we are about to be cooking and eating up a storm!

In the latest video, we collaborated with the brand organic store called The Life Store [@thelifestorja] who sponsored us 6 items from their store, which we used to prepare an assortment of food items for a 3-course meal.

We tried our best to keep it as healthy as possible, and it was super fun to use these items to make wraps, pizzas & popcorn!

Check out the video below and lookout for new videos this weekend!

3 Course Meal Challenge with The Life Store | #Cravnish
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Published at 2020, June 07
Welcome back to #Cravnish, the food series on #DownDiRoad! Been a long time since we gave you all a
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