Tessellated & Friends – The Vibes LIVE



Waddup peeps?!?

Long time no see! 

You must be living under a rock if you’ve never heard the song ‘Pine & Ginger.‘ If you don’t start humming along to the melody when you hear “me a drink pine & ginger! 🎶” blasting through a speaker what are you even doing bro???

Last Friday on December 15th, the young collaborators Tessellated, Amindi K. Fro$t and Valleyz made their debut performance to a sold out 700+ crowd at the Barbican Beach Bar. It’s both crazy & fulfilling to know that their first performance of this song together, was in Jamaica before the home crowd which inspired the song the most. When I first heard about this show I made it a point of duty to be in attendance, especially since I missed the Chronixx concert a few weeks ago because ALL pre-sold & promised gate tickets were SOLD OUT dayssss before.

The event dubbed “Tessellated & Friends – The Vibes LIVE,” was a great effort put together by Wengi Kofia Consultancy, Dj Stamma, & Circa Eleven. Anticipation had been building from earlier in the week, & I’m happy that the event ended up being sold out, especially because part of the proceeds are to be donated to the Alpha Boys School Music Programme.

Upon entering the venue & making my rounds, I found that the set up was pretty simple with the main focus being on the stage. My favourite part was the lighting, which looked great from up front shining throughout the crowd and changing colours intermittently.


As the night progressed, the energy levels had been slowly building as the crowd waited patiently for the stars of the night to grace us with their presence. The opening acts did a really good job at getting the levels up, and when it finally came time for the headlining acts to perform, things were in full swing & the patrons were ready!

Tessellated came out first & performed a few of his original songs to a good reception from the crowd, ending with a few Sizzla Kalonji covers. Shortly after, he welcomed & introduced Amindi K. Fro$t on stage who kept with the theme & did a few covers herself before going into what the fans were waiting for, ‘Pine & Ginger LIVE.’ 

Personal highlights for me included the performances by Sevana Siren & Runkus, who never disappoint! All in all I would say that the “Tessellated & Friends – The Vibes LIVE” show was a success. 



It’s great to see young Jamaicans attain a certain level of success internationally, as ‘Pine & Ginger‘ has been creating quite a buzz this year. This song still has so much more room to grow, so I’m looking out to see how much more bigger it can get. I wish them nothing but continued success on their musical journey, and I’m looking forward to hearing more work from them all in 2018.

Live music has always been a huge part of Jamaican culture, & I think it’s our duty to be in tune with the happenings & the work that the new generation of musicians are doing. I’ve been embracing live performances as of late, so you can expect to see way more of that content here on downdiroad.com with this new #downdiroadLIVE series.

Big ups to everybody for reading, so until the next one, BOOM!





Check out the gallery of the “Tessellated & Friends – The Vibes LIVE” concert below.

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