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Talk Reggae Ft. Ras-I & The Revelationz

Greetings roadies!

Back again with another episode of #downdiroadLIVE, this with our friend Ras-I & his band The Revelationz! The last time we saw Ras-I on #DownUPDiRoad was on a more personal level as Immanuel, on a trip to Shanty Man’s ital restaurant (that video is doing well on YouTube by the way go check it!)


Talk Reggae was held on January 23rd at 22 Jerk in Kingston JA, and featured Ras-I as the main performer joined by a few of his collaborators (Blvk H3ro, Runkus, Royal Blu & Jesse Royal). It was a fun filled night, and personally I’ve really enjoyed Ras-I’s growth as a musician. This is the third installment of #downdiroadLIVE featuring Ras-I, and if you take the time and look back the growth is evident. Check out the photo gallery & video below & look out for more event coverage soon!


Ras-I & The Revelationz – TALK REGGAE LIVE


TALK REGGAE [Photo Gallery]

Talk Reggae

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