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Milk and Cookies, anyone?

Who doesn’t love milk and cookies? I mean really. It’s milk… and COOKIES! Now imagine having a mouthful of that goodness [milk and cookies] one time! I know, I was mind blown too. But that’s the genius behind the newest sweet eats boutique to pop up on Instagram and we LOVE IT! Especially, Tenn.

Recently Crav’nish was one of the lucky winners of the Strictly Cookies Cookie Cup giveaway. A chosen few [of us] selected to sample 2 Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups and Vanilla Bean infused milk. Needless to say it was AMAZING! The Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cup lined with milk chocolate was perfection. *Chefs kiss* But seriously it was a perfect balance of hard and chewy. Not too sweet, even with the added chocolate chips and chocolate coating inside the cup. It all seemed to blend seamlessly together to make an amazing gastronomic experience. The oatmeal was just enough and not overpowering, as it can be if not used in the right amounts. This tasted like a regular chocolate chip cookie, that surprised you with a little extra.

The Vanilla Bean infused milk was a nice touch. It offered the cool refreshing creamy flavour of milk, with an added hint of vanilla that nicely complimented the cookie flavour.

Strictly Cookies Ja is offering this delectable cookie for the month of September, with the promise of a new cookie for every month thereafter. You can follow Strictly Cookies Ja on Instagram at @strictlycookiesja or visit their website to place orders at

Definitely give them a try & tell them Crav’nish sent you.




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