South Coast 2.0 – St. Elizabeth Weekend

DownDiRoad EP. 9 – South Coast 2.0


Mawnin good people of the world!!!! Too much??……. aahh!


This week we switch it up! You are reading words by Rik!


Sooooo…. how to keep this short????? The DownDiRoad JA crew traversed the parish of St. Elizabeth a few weeks ago and I must say we had a great time. There were a few hiccups here and there but all in all it was a great adventure.


Let us begin!


We departed from Kingston a bit behind schedule on Friday evening, as is the case when humans (Jamaicans in particular), decide to do anything as a group. The journey seemed long as we were unsure of the exact location of our residence for the next couple of days; however from Kingston, we got to Waikiki Guest House in Treasure Beach in under 3 hours. On Saturday morning we woke up quite early, as we had several plans for the day.


First on the itinerary was breakfast and our first choice was a restaurant and bar by the name of Smurf’s Cafe. Hold your horses folks, as no little blue people are found here. For good measure though, they are as homely and welcoming as the “little people” from the Smurf village. All meals are done to order so there may be a bit of a wait, but the time flew by quickly as we listened to a live jam session with three guitarists. The dining area is setup in such a way to encourage conversations with your neighbour, so it was not long before we were chatting away with several other groups of people from Germany & the U.S.A. Now for the food ladies and gentlemen, we were surely not disappointed. Everything was excellent whether it was the omelettes, ackee and saltfish or the pancakes and bacon. Our appetites and stomaches were met with rich satisfaction! Freshly blended juices and bottled water are available at your request. For other drinks and sodas you will need to visit the bar. (All breakfast packages are JMD $650 & you can order additional sides)


Next up was YS Falls. An entry fee of JMD $1200.00 and JMD $800.00 is charged for adults and children respectively. There are several tour buggies that transport patrons to and from the recreational area. A short drive of no more than 5 minutes through the grounds is all the time it takes. A bit of disappointment came flooding our way as while there was no rain on site, the hills of Trelawny had been granted heavy rain showers, so the normally pristine aquamarine water was tainted giving it a semi-dark brown colour, but we trekked on nonetheless. There are three pools, benches, gazebos, and lush open spaces for picnics and games. Despite our distress, we still managed to climb the falls. It must be noted that the grounds are unquestionably beautiful and we’ll definitely be going back.


Personally, my favourite spot for the day was Floyd’s Pelican Bar. Floyd’s Pelican Bar is located on a large sandbar not 10 minutes away by boat, from an area called Parotee Bay. We took a boat from our boat owner Radcliffe’s home which was off the Parotee Road, and arrived in good spirits to take advantage of this gem. Drinks were bought and we spent north of two hours chilling and enjoying the company of the other patrons; both locals and tourists alike. The water is crystal clear and you can get lost in it’s beauty snorkelling or just enjoying the vibe. Be sure to bring your friends or a date, and just go have fun. I recommend going early enough to catch the sunset, as it’s a breathtaking view. As the sun sets, the water to the horizon changes form blue to a fiery orange. Breathtaking I tell you!


The crew had already decided on our dinner spot a few days before. Very prudent these people are when food is involved. “Back to the matter at hand” as Ice Cube says, we headed to Jack Sprat Seafood & Pizza on our way home that night. This seafood restaurant and bar is well known throughout St. Elizabeth, as few have passed through this parish and not ventured by. The team ordered fry fish, steamed fish, lobster, jerk chicken and pizza. There is a little wait but you’ll be happy you did. My compliments to the Chef as everything was superb. We ate and drank to our heart’s desire and your stomach’s content. Another great thing about this amazing restaurant is that it was literally one minute away (not to be confused with JA minutes) from Waikiki Guest House, so we got home for the night in no time.


Before heading back to Kingston on Sunday, our final stop was made at Lovers Leap. There are several statues and landmarks on their property, so be sure to bring your camera if you’re visiting; one in particular that’s directly by the entrance of the restaurant of the two runaway slaves who made the famous leap. There isn’t much to do here as it relates to physical activity, but the view is breathtaking! Patrons have the option of doing a small tour of the grounds for JMD $300, to find out about the history and story of Lovers Leap. Board games are also set up for patrons to entertain themselves while waiting for food and drinks. The team ordered some refreshments and appetizers and spent the latter part of the morning relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Finally I must add, the setting of this establishment is one that offers an atmosphere of tranquility. After a hectic day or weekend, it’s nice to just relax and take in the views.

Let us know your favourite places to go in St. Elizabeth. Until the next time. Big up the roadies! See you in a bit. – Rik


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South Coast 2.0 – St. Elizabeth Weekend

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