St. Elizabeth, Jamaica! I didn’t familiarize myself with the parish affectionately called St. Bess until 2017 on a drive out to Negril. The south coast of Jamaica is a gem of beauty I tell you!

It’s the last #DownDiRoad with Sasha (*thug tears*). We went to St. Elizabeth for the day & made a few stops.

J. Charles Swaby’s Black River Safari – sick tour of the Black River with nufff crocodiles & wild birds!
Floyd’s Pelican Bar – the famous bar made of stilted driftwood, located in the middle of the Parottee Bay. Very “wavvyyy”
Jack Sprat Seafood & Pizza – The famous restaurant at Jakes Hotel in Treasure Beach

This was truly one of the best days I’ve had since the start of 2018. I love St. Elizabeth. The #DownDiRoad squad will be spending a weekend at some point in 2018!


Watch EP 7 of #DownDiRoad Season 2 titled – SOUTH COAST – and check out a few images of the day’s adventure!



[Picho time!] 

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