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Smurf’s Cafe

It was an early morning, just like this, that day…    
Can you tell I’m here for the dramatics? Well, only when it comes to GREAT FOOD & equally amazing service.

Normally, I’m not one for a heavy first meal. I’m a grab and go kinda gal. But this morning in particular I was really crav’n more of an indulgence than normal. So I was really excited to check out Smurf’s Cafe.Now when it comes to food, admittedly I can be a little picky. I don’t eat for eating sake [never have] and would rather go hungry than eat something that will mess with my palate. But somehow, on arriving at this charming corner bar restaurant, I wanted to eat all the things!

Smurf’s Cafe, St. Elizabeth.

Smurf’s Cafe is a neatly nestled, corner bar restaurant, along the Treasure Beach stretch in St. Elizabeth. Located at the corner, where the road bends towards Billy’s Bay. It’s unassuming and looks like any other corner bar you’d find on any road trip across the island. But it’s not. The menu is bigger than the place itself and the aromas from the kitchen scream good home cooking. Food is freshly done to order and the coffee is Jamaica’s best, hot and rich.

You place your order and have a little wait until your meal is prepared and served to you. The open air setting, vibrant colours and melodic tunes of the local musicians that vibe there, make the wait seemingly non existent and very worth it. It gives patrons the opportunity to chat a little and truly anticipate the experience they’re about to have. An experience with great food.

Now as a Jamaican, I believe my palate holds Jamaican Cooks/Chefs to a higher standard, especially when making traditional meals. The fried dumplings must taste suh and the ackee must look suh. It’s a whole thing that happens in my head, even before the first bite. Undoubtedly, Smurf’s Cafe hit and surpassed the mark that morning. It nice suh till! Ackee and Saltfish, fried dumplings, plantains, roast breadfruit & pear (avocado). Oh my! But it doesn’t stop there, if you’re continental, like I tend to be on the rare occasion, then they have their scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes and waffles for you. There were fritters and omelettes, fruits salads, porridge and sandwiches. Anything you could possibly want for $650 JMD or just under $5.00 USD.







Now for a relatively selective foodie, who believes a great meal is way more than just the food, but includes the place, the service, the experience and the way you feel right throughout; Smurf’s Cafe got full marks.

A definite must go for me and the DownDiRoad Team once we’re in the area! We highly recommend you check them out too.

It’s food livity & culture the soul needs.




Smurf’s Cafe

Treasure Beach
(876) 504-7814


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October 19, 2018

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