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Another week, and another adventure on Today I share with you an adventure I had a few weeks ago. We’ve been meaning to feature a vegan restaurant on #DownDiRoad and my good friend Immanuel (popularly known as Ras-I) suggested we visit the chef known as ‘Shanty Man’ who is based in Gordon Town, a little up from Papine in St. Andrew. We set out to visit Shanty & I have to say it was a pleasant surprise. The food was amazing & I personally learned a lot about Shanty Man, his history, and the future of his empire in this little interview. Shanty Man is the main chef and he specializes in natural juices and vegan food. Menu items include items like peanut porridge, turmeric chick peas, tofu, callalloo, rice and peas. He also sells clothes & jewellery. I hope you all will watch & enjoy, and please let us know when you visit Shanty Man! Shanty Man is open Sunday – Friday from about 9AM – 9PM.


Check out the newest episode of the #DownDiRoad travel series called ‘SHANTY MAN’ right here on



Tune in next week for more adventures in Jamaica from the #DownDiRoad crew! Photo gallery is below as well. Until the next one. Peace! – Doofdem

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Shanty Man

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