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Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience – Fun In The Rum

Greetings massive! It’s the weekend so you know it’s adventure time! This week is a little different. I organized the ultimate rum par at the Appleton Estate in St. Elizabeth! The tour was sickk & I hope you guys take a trip & experience is for yourselves. In the mean time you can watch the brand new episode of #DownDiRoad below & check out the Appleton vibes! Photo gallery & blog post continues below.




So boom; Appleton #rumtour. I first went on this tour many years ago for one of my Tourism courses at UTech, but this was a brand new feeling because they’ve recently renovated the property, & restructured their tour. The Appleton Estate is located deep in the Cockpit County, more specifically in Shiloh, St. Elizabeth which is in the Nassau Valley. As a kid we used to take field trips to Shiloh, out to a little place called Apple Valley Park. I think this adventure bug started from then because I can remember those trips being my favourite thing. We used to count down to year end for the school & Sunday school field trips. There was no better feeling that running bare foot, grass between your toes, experiencing the country side which was a welcomed change from the hustle & bustle of Kingston life.


Fast forward many years later & I still enjoy going on these trips now just as much as I did then. So yea the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience, is really and truly an amazing one. The crew and I held this one near & dear to our hearts, because we really and truly are rum people. Rum is like our communal wine, it’s always present when we gather, so to go and learn about the process of it’s creation from start to finish was really something we enjoyed. The recently refurbished facility is modern & well kept. Before the tour even starts off, participants begin the experience with a welcome drink called ‘Stormy Valley,’ which is a really good mixture of Appleton’s Signature blend rum, ginger ale, and bitters. The tour itself has a few stages. You start off learning about the estate’s location and history, as well as the boss lady herself; Ms. Joy Spence.


After the introduction, there is a short video in their theatre, followed by a walk through of the property where the tour guide explains the whole rum making process. The experience takes you on the journey from cutting the cane right to processing the cane juice, to extracting the molasses, fermentation, distillation & everything else leading up to the ageing of that good Jamaican rum. Entry fee is only JMD $2500 and what I love about the experience is that it give you a broader understanding of Appleton’s history in Jamaica, and the creation of their product.


Big ups to the folks over at J. Wray & Nephew Corporate for helping us organize this tour! For more info on the JSAERE you can check out their website as well as social media pages.


Website -> appletonestate.com

JSAERE Instagram – @thejsaere

J. Wray & Nephew Corporate Instagram – @jwncorporate


Until the next one. Big ups to all the #roadies

– Doofydon


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Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience

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