Reach Falls – DownDiRoad Season 3 – The Prelude

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It’s been a while. I know you missed DownDiRoad but in life, balance is key. Sometimes a little break is needed, but hey guess what we back again on this rollercoaster ride down di road!

The original goal of was to highlight Jamaican culture, via our travels and adventures throughout the country. Almost a year later, and the goal is still the same. The team & I have been focusing on curating the visual aspects of, & with that focus three new series’ have been introduced to the website and YouTube channel. #downdiroadLIVE, #chippinDownDiRoad & #deTour all happened & the viewers seem to like them a lot. As usual, these ideas were organic and were not planned at all but always remember that diversity is very important to us and has something for everybody.

This past Easter weekend, the crew headed out to Portland. It was fun filled weekend & I decided not to record anything for the weekend, but the first stop was Reach Falls & I figured I couldn’t let the opportunity pass! We have 10 episodes coming up & we are going back to the roots! Get ready for some of those hidden gems all across Jamaica.

So here we have it, you can view the prelude to #DownDiRoad Season 3 right below. There’s also a small photo gallery & a few words about Reach Falls after the video. Enjoy & remember to subscribe to the website & YouTube channel!

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Reach Falls

Quick quick! If you’ve never been to Reach Falls, it’s located in Portland, Jamaica closer to the St. Thomas border in a place called Manchioneal. If you’re driving there from Kingston via St. Thomas I’d say it’s about a two hours, and maybe three & a half via Junction. According to my research Reach Falls was discovered by runaway slaves from plantations in the neighboring parish of St Thomas who sought refuge in the hills of the John Crow mountains. Interestingly, it is currently managed by the Urban Development Company of Jamaica. They’ve done a good job at keeping the grounds clean & well maintained. The only issue we had was parking! You know once it’s a holiday weekend Jamaican’s find the closest watering hole.

Locals get a discounted entry fee, so it costs adults JM $500 and children JM $250. For foreigners, the cost is US $10 or the JMD equivalent, children US $5 or JM equivalent.

The main attraction is one big waterfall which cascades down a rock face into the main swimming pool. The good thing about Reach Falls is that is has many more pools scattered throughout the property; you just have to be adventurous enough to find them. One of Reach Falls’ best kept secret is a spot called the ‘Rabbit Hole.’ If you journey up the falls on a small hike, it is said that you can jump through the ‘Rabbit Hole,’ which is basically a hole at that leads into an underground cavern, accessible by jump to anybody who’s brave enough.

Yow if you can take the trip just do it please! Like I always say the most expensive part is the gas, because a lot of these attractions are very cheap. Check out the Simply Local.Life ‘Rabbit Hole’ experience right below, and look out for more Portland adventures in #DownDiRoad Season 3!

Photo gallery below as well!

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