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Pretty Wata – Tropical Bliss & Luminous Lagoon

Wah gwaahn massive? So if you follow @downdiroadja on Instagram or subscribe to our YouTube channel you would have seen that episode 8 of the #DownDiRoad travel series was released last weekend! We took a trip out to the North Coast and made two stops so check out the visuals right here!

#DownDiRoad Ep. 8 – Pretty Wata

Tropical Bliss beach in Whitehouse St. James is the newest beach attraction in the Montego Bay area. Pretty beach with all new facilities and not crowded at all. Entry fee is very affordable as locals pay only JMD $300! This one is a steal and if you’re looking for a beach that’s not too popular and off the grid, definitely check out Tropical Bliss.

Next up we have the world famous Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon tour. This spot is not new but the crew has always wanted to stop by and we finally got our chance! For more info you can look online, but basically the water is filled with microorganisms that give of a bright blue glow once you touch the water. The tour itself is not that great as it is super quick and only lasts about 15 minutes, but it’s a very cool sight to see and something that all Jamaicans should experience at least one, because we out of only 4 known locations in the world we have the brightest one.  

Catch us on the next adventure! Peace! – Doofington



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