Please be advised that I’m currently on vacation & I want to do vacation things.


So here’s the deal… At the beginning of my three week vacation this year, it was my intention to go on an island-wide tour. I’d make my way around the island from one coast to the next. The idea was brilliant but, my body has not been willing AT ALL . Sleep is my best friend and we hang out everyday so I’ve had to revise that plan juuust a little bit!

Naturally, I still have to make some exceptions so that I can travel & go on a few excursions and it just so happened that my aunt & cousins were on the island & they invited my mother & I to come visit them at their hotel in Ocho Rios.

Now, it is often said that “Jamaicans love freeness!” but, I’ve never been one to subscribe to this way of thinking.  Nonetheless, there was absolutely no way I was turning down a free day pass to an all inclusive hotel, because this is the type of freeness I could get on board with! Which hotel was it though?

Moon Palace Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios!

With the new North South highway, mother & I made our way there from Kingston in a little over an hour, & spent about 8 hours on the property. In true all inclusive fashion, the day pass gave us access to most of the amenities offered to full time guests. Moon Palace Jamaica Grande is a beautiful and recently renovated hotel which offers a wide variety of activities for guests to participate in, as well as a vast scope of food options! It was a good day, but can you believe I spent most of my time sleeping on the beach, and sleeping by the pool?  Like I said, sleep is my best friend.

Here’s a quick vlog with a recap of a few of the day’s activities!



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