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A Hike to Kwame Falls


Greetings roadies!

Have you ever been to Kwame Falls? Have you ever even heard of it? Well here’s the run down!

So I know this travel group that goes by the name “Island Explorers” (check them out on IG @island_explorers). Now the Island Explorers invited me to help them capture a promotional video for an upcoming trip they had.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity because:

1. You haffi buss the yutes!
2. Who says no to a trip to the country???

At 7AM we started our journey to St. Mary. The early morning temperature was perfectly cool, and the drive from out of Kingston to Strawberry Fields Together was a little over a hour at most. Kwame Falls is a hidden waterfall located in Robins Bay, St. Mary. You can get there via a hike or via boat, which leaves Strawberry Fields Together. Strawberry Fields Together is a beach and camp ground that’s probably one of the main attractions in Robins Bay. You can safely park your car on the property as long as you pay the entry fee ($600 JMD) and then head out on your hike. I would strongly recommend that you find a guide to take you to the falls because it is one+ hour each way through unfamiliar terrain. You get a guide from Strawberry Fields Together, as well as the boat, but that will be a bit expensive. Alternatively, I’d suggest you walk back up to the entrance & find a local guide to take you on the hike. It should cost you about $3000 JMD or so depending on the group size.

The hike itself was manageable, and the views are breathtaking, and when I say breathtaking I mean breathtaking! Even though the falls had very low water level, it was still a great experience. At this point, it’s less talking from you you have to look and see for yourself! View the photo gallery down below & watch the #DownDiRoad video up top!

Until the next one, blessings!


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Kwame Falls

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