These days I’ve been spending a lot of time making excuses for why I didn’t invite people to places LOL. It’s hard work & it always leads back to the same point.

“I didn’t plan it, it just happened.”

It’s the truth! Imagine I am at work on God’s good Sunday afternoon & my friends just randomly decide to have a par. It just happened. Imagine we are at said par & another friend shows up towards the end & asks “Yow can we go to Dub Club?!” Of course I’m gonna say yes. It just happened.


Kingston Dub Club is a weekly Reggae session that is held at Skyline Dr. in Jacks Hill, St. Andrew. Kingston Dub Club has one of the most amazing views overlooking the city of Kingston. It features “100% Undiluted Roots/Rockers/Reggae & Dub music from the highest regions,” but the event is so much more than that. With a strong Rastafarian background, the event I think is all about the sharing of our culture in a harmonious and peaceful environment.

The first thing that any local attending Kingston Dub Club will notice is the amount of tourists who are present. When my guests at work ask me what they can do on Sundays, Kingston Dub Club is the only place I point them. Tourists flock to Kingston Dub Club because it is one the most authentic Reggae experiences anybody can get in Kingston.

The journey is not far, and the entrance fee is $500 JMD. When you enter the venue there are some steps that lead you down to the event, and at first they can be intimidating but once you reach the end you’ll see why it is worth it. Seats are scattered throughout the venue, but in essence there is a main dance floor by the DJ booth where the music pumps throughout the night, a beautiful wooden deck overlooking Kingston city, craft stalls with a variety of items for sale, and of course the most important component of any Jamaican gathering, food and drinks.



I’m all for good chill vibes, and I every time I leave Kingston Dub Club I feel a sense of peace. It is such a joy for me to see visitors in our space, enjoying our culture. It’s almost as if they are in a state of trance and it’s so fascinating to me the connection they feel with our music and our culture. If you’re a Jamaican from Kingston and you’ve never been I’d suggest you head on up to Skyline Dr. one Sunday night. It’s a short drive, and even if you get tired of hearing Reggae music all night, the view alone makes it worth it. Go with your friends, fellowship with the each other and enjoy the culture. You wont regret it!


Patrons enjoying Kingston Dub Club on the dance floor.


This Rastafarian elder was chanting down Babylon all night!


The cat that was fast asleep all night in the middle of the dance.


Vegan food as well as Natural juices and a wide variety of alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at Kingston Dub Club.


Views from the 876.


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