Greeetingssssss to all the faithfuls! Thanks for journeying down di road with me & the crew so far. If you’re new here thanks for jumping in the car & joining the party! It’s crazy, we made it to Season 3 of #DownDiRoad! Since the beginning, you all wanted more videos so here you have it, more videos! We are about to embark on some new adventures & I hope you all enjoy the first episode of this season, a little tour of Cottage 6 at the Jamaica Inn Hotel in Ocho Rios.




So boom, my old coworker & friend Candice wanted us to take a trip to visit our other old coworker Ella, who works at the Jamaica Inn in Ochi. After a few exchanges, Ella hooked us up with a site visit and tour of their beautiful property! The Jamaica Inn is defined as a luxury boutique hotel, and has a few different luxury room categories. The packages are not all-inclusive, but as the name ‘luxury’ suggests, the price point is still very reflective of the title. The starting category; ‘Superior Balcony Suite’ can go from US $399 per night (double occupancy), and the highest category of Suites & Cottages start at US $1029 per night (double – quad occupancy).

The reality is that obviously, the Jamaica Inn’s core customer base does not hail from Jamaica (their biggest market comes from the UK), but based on my meeting with the Sales team, I’ve come to find out that us Jamaicans have not been left out of the mix. Their are several cocktail & fundraiser events throughout the year which see an influx of Jamaicans flocking the property, but additionally the Jamaica Inn boasts the ‘Ocean Spa’ which has won multiple awards and is one of the best spas in Jamaica. Image being perched on a cliffside, getting a spa treatment while overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

The spa, lounge, and famous Teddy’s Beach Bar are all open to the public & you will find that these three sections of the property actually have a thriving local customer base. You don’t find much Jamaicans staying over in the rooms, but there are in fact local discounted rates available ranging between US $262 & US $362 based on the time of year you book.

We had the privilege of spending some time in Cottage 6 & even though it was only for a few hours I must say it was one of the best hotel experiences I’ve ever had.

The rooms at the Jamaica Inn are suited to privacy, and can double as both a great family or romantic getaway. This specific cottage has two bedrooms, two bathrooms & an outside shower/bathtub area, a fully functional kitchen, living room, outside sitting area & patio (verandah), a private pool, and also it’s own private access point to the sea. I think my favourite part of the cottage was the outside bathtub & shower. The attention to detail and overall aesthetic really had me shook!


Between the beautiful rooms, amazing culinary options, champagne coloured beach, and exceptional service, the Jamaica Inn is really continuing their over 50 year legacy.

The hotel prides itself on making their mark on their guests, which is probably why their biggest customer base is a mixture of repeat guests from all over the globe. I must also make note of the fact that the Jamaica Inn prides itself on having “no TVs, radios or clocks; only the magnificent surround sound of the sea.” This place is really special, and if you’ve watched the room tour video & have an interest in making a reservation, just head over to their website at for more information.

Check out a few pictures of the adventure below, and stay tuned for more adventures coming soon!


Until the next one. Peace! – Doofy


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