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Grillin’ Hungryman Pizzas + Taste-testing Lia’s Sweetside Cookies & Vino Is Wine

By now you’ve watched the new on the YouTube Channel? Because you’re subscribed and got the notification right? 🙂 

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Published at 2020, June 21
Welcome back to #Cravnish, the food series on #DownDiRoad! I know I know we back again with more piz
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…… yeah, so as we were saying, now that you’ve watched the FULL video, you’d have seen that @hungrymanja reached out to the Crav’nish team and invited us to try out their pizza bases. We got two ready-made pizzas (chicken and pepperoni), as well as 4 bases with sauce and individually packaged cheese. We knew we had to get creative with our toppings and still maintain the yumminess that is pizza, which was pretty easy if you’ve been around us!….  But then came an interesting plot twist, figuring out how to bake them with no oven. 😕  Of course, it couldn’t have been that simple cooking with us…. So as you’d have noticed we grilled the pizzas! …yep! Grilled them.

Long story short, when life gives you lemons, don’t just stop at lemonade make lemon meringue too.

In true Crav’nish style, we tried to cater to as many #foodlifestyles as possible. That’s what makes @hungrymanja pizza bases so amazing. Whether you’re pescatarian, vegetarian or porkatarian, you can make a pizza that satisfies your taste. We made vegetarian, plantain, jerked chicken, bad dawg pork sausage + plantain and chicken + plantain pizzas. The pizzas hit differently 😋 and were just as yummy for breakfast the next day.

Go ahead and check out to place your pizza, wine and cookie orders.

Head over to Instagram and follow @hungrymanja, @liassweetside and @vinoiswine.

Stay tuned to DownDiRoad for more, and follow @cravnish on Instagram for more food content.

– Yesh


Bluefields Beach Park

June 20, 2020

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