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So here’s the deal. I’m about to go on a journey. A gastronomical journey. In the next few weeks downdiroad will be featuring a few eateries and sharing our findings with the masses. Without saying too much, Devon House will be one of the featured stops and I did a bit of scouting earlier this week on the property. I made a stop at one of the establishments on the property, so here’s a little mini review of my Mahogany Tree Bar experience.



So Mahogany Tree Bar; this was my second time coming here. The first encounter wasn’t so pleasant and let’s just say I ended up leaving before I even ordered anything. I believe in second chances though, so I decided I’d give them a chance because it’s so close to New Kingston, and the Kingston traffic is next level in the evenings so I needed to kill some time! Let me tell you…Total 180º!

Mahogany Tree Bar is an extension of the Grogshoppe Restaurant. In addition to Mahogany Tree Bar, the Grogshoppe also has La Pizzeria, which specializes in freshly made Italian pizza of course.

Essentially, what the Grogshoppe is doing is giving their patrons a little bit of everything. Patrons have the option of fine dining at the flagship Grogshoppe, having a quick laid back pizza at La Pizzeria, or even just having some drinks at the Mahogany Tree Bar or ordering off their food menu. A great thing that they are doing is fuzing your experience, so I was able to sit at the Mahogany Tree Bar and order a pizza from La Pizzeria, and it all came on one bill.

The name derives from the fact the the bar is mostly open air and has a huge mahogany tree in the center of the establishment, which ads to the allure and rustic feeling that is associated with the whole aura of Devon House. I spent a few hours at Mahogany Tree Bar and my bartender Milton made me a few specialty drinks as well as a few classics. The service was great and the price range on the drinks were not exaggerated at all. The pizza was really good as well. La Pizzeria has a scotch bonnet infused extra virgin olive oil that is so good! ‘Heaven & Hearth’ was my favourite of the lot though.

I’m anticipating coming back here so you all can look out for that in a few weeks.

In the meantime between time check out this quick video of Milton making the ‘Heaven & Hearth’ drink and of course check out pics below!

Til the next one. Peace! – Doofy D


Hawaiian in JA!
Pizza from La Pizzaria
Heaven & Hearth

Blackwell spiced rum on the rocks.

Milton’s specialty Halloween drink he’s working on




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