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Hanover River Hop: Great River, Basin River, Brown Lady Falls, Cascade Falls & Copper Falls

Greetings roadies and welcome back!

Recently, the squad spent a weekend in the mythical parish of Hanover and honestly it was an adventure-filled day, so let us begin!

We started our day with a bath in the Great River. Nothing like soap and natural river water to clease your body and your soul in the early morning. Shortly after, we were lucky enough to go rafting down the river. The views were beautiful and the bamboo rafting experience truly puts you at peace. (If you’re interested in Bamboo Rafting in Lethe, the experience is offered by Chukka Adventures)

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Published at 2020, July 04
Welcome back to another episode of #DownDiRoad!

This week we coming to you from the Great River in
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Hanover River Hop: Basin, Brown Lady, Cascade & Copper Falls | #DownDiRoad
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Published at 2020, July 05
Welcome back to another episode of #DownDiRoad!

We are at the end of our epic west coast adventure
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Next up we stopped by the old Flint River Estate and then the Tryall Waterwheel at the Tryall Estate in Hopewell. The craziest thing about the water wheel is that it is well over 200 years old and still works! We moved on, and up into the hills of Pondside we went. It’s interesting to note that Hanover is truly intriguing because it has tons of historical structures still standing strong after so many years. In Pondside, we stopped at the Bayson River which is a really cool roadside waterfall/watering hole. You can dip in the pool or walk up the mini-falls. The community guys are fixing it up and building a nice infrastructure for visitors to come experience it. 

In Cascade, we stopped by the Brown Lady Falls which most definitely has to be one of the sickest hidden waterfalls we ever been to! We hiked off-road and through the forest for 10 minutes in the rain to get to the falls, but it was worth it! Cascade also has this really dope roadside waterfall, very nice for pictures. 

In Jericho, we saw some beautiful landscapes! You can literally stop at the side of the road and look all the way out to the Hanover coastline. Breathtakingly beautiful! We continued to Mt. Peace, where we stopped by the Copper River & Falls. Don’t be fooled by its unassuming look, because the community members say the Copper water hole is 16 feet deep! On Sundays the whole community comes out to chill, it’s a really nice spot! The last trod we made was a hike under the old Copper bridge, all the way into the jungle and up Copper Falls. The hike was a bit tricky but so worth it!

All in all, it was an amazing day with some fun people. Big big shoutout to our bredrin @bucketlistja (IG) for showing us around Hanover and helping us to experience these gems. Big ups to the other bloggers who rolled through, @yanicmb, @theweekend_routineja, and @mellyfit. Shout out @the_maryland_experience as well we definitely have to head to Maryland, Hanover next time we in town.

As usual, enjoy the video and enjoy the photo gallery.

Until the next time, Bless up! – Duane


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still standing strong after many years! Nuff nuff History in Hanover


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