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Fruit Cake – The Jamaican Christmas National Dish

Greetings roadies!

It’s Christmas time and even though we are still going through a pandemic, we keep our Jamaican traditions near and dear to our hearts. In Jamaica we have a popular cake called fruit cake, or black cake. This cake used to be seen quite often at weddings, but as times and traditions change what is certain is that you will most definitely see it every year around Christmas time.

The fruit cake is almost like a pudding, it is soft and spongy and filled with lots of blended fruits. Many people have various preferences of how they make it or how they like it, but one thing is certain this tradition will never die! Recently, I got a first-hand demonstration of how this cake is made. This variant is very interesting because it results in an extremely soft and moist cake (filled with sooooo much rum)! It’s super tasty & I made a video to go along with it!

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9 Inch Fruit Cake – $2300
10 Inch Cake – $2700
cheesecakes are available as well.


Enjoy the video below.


How To Make Jamaican Christmas Fruit Cake | #DownDiRoad
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