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Frenchman’s Cove w/ the Marbana Crew

Greetings roadies!

Do good & good will follow! For some time it has been our prerogative to showcase Jamaica and it’s beauty. Portland has been a parish that we visit quite often & we have featured several Portland locations on this blog & on our #DownDiRoad travelogue. For Easter weekend 2018 the crew took a trip out to Portland as we made the decision to attend this little event called Marbana. Let me tell you, by little I am being modest Lol. This event for the regular Jamaican may be classified as “expensive” (the tickets start at JMD $12,000 & go upwards over time). Though “expensive” the DDR collective believe in paying for experiences, and Marbana is just that.

Picture the beautiful scenery of Frenchman’s Cove, transformed in a playground of joy. Beautiful women. Delectable food. Booze to fill your hearts content. Music from all eras. M7 has created a beautiful product in Marbana, and once a consumer can access this product, they will be truly satisfied with their findings. It was a great weekend and we even took a trip out to Reach Falls [CHECK IT OUT].

Fast forward to 2019, and can you imagine the surpise I had when when I heard that the good folks over at M7 Events wanted to link up with us to capture some footage of Frenchman’s Cove while they made preparations for Marbana 2019?! It was a very organic experience. The concept was that we would just capture some footage of everybody enjoying themselves on the beach, and that we did. Check out our newest episode of #DownDiRoad as well as the amazing photographs we captured! Remember to like, share & subscribe to our YouTube channel! #RoadTo1000Subs

– Doof

Frenchman’s Cove W/ The Marbana Crew

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