FINAL PAR – the #DownDiRoad Season 3 Finale!

This is it roadies!


10 episodes of fun and 3 seasons deep, we are at another finale for the #DownDiRoad series! This week we head out to the Harbour View round about give some steps, showing you how we par! ‘Par’ is a Jamaican colloquialism which basically means to chill or hang out with your friends and here at that is our favourite pastime; we come together as a group and partake in each other’s company. There are a few steps, so watch the season finale below & let us know in the comments how you par with your friends. I really just want to thank everybody who has been watching the videos and reading the blog posts on the website. This all started as a simple blog where I could write about and share the places I visited with my friends. As time progressed and we all became more invested in the vision, it has grown and continues growing into a place where we can all come together & show the world what Jamaica is all about. Thanks for watching. It only gets better from here.


Blessings. – Doofy Duane


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