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Journey To Falling Edge Waterfall – Bowden Hill

Greetings roadies!

In the quiet hillside town of Bowden Hill, St. Andrew (close to Stoney Hill), there is a beautiful hidden gem called Falling Edge Waterfall. This waterfall is tucked away in the hills close to the Bowden Hill Primary and Infant School. There is a gate close by that enters a NWC water facility which is the start of the path. The entry is free (unless a few of the locals decide to stand by the gate and ask for a ‘donation’). It is roughly a 10-15 minute hike to the fall, which is relatively small, but truly a breathtaking experience. Being in nature is one of the most spiritual experiences you can ever have. We make a video about our experience. Check it out below!

– Duane

P.S> When you go to these beautiful places, please be nice and don’t litter. Falling Edge was filled with rubbish when we went. Always ensure you take your garbage with you! Keep out natural beauties clean.


Journey to Falling Edge Waterfall | #DownDiRoad
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Published at 2020, August 23
Welcome back to another episode of #DownDiRoad!

This week we in the cool cool hills of St. Andrew,
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