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Blue Mountain Culinary Trail


Greetings roadies!

It has been literal months since I wrote a proper blog post & what can I say? Not much… LOL.

downdiroad.com has & always will remain the personal blog of me; Duane Marc Phillips, but with time comes growth & with growth comes change. For some time now the blog has seen a significant shift to music & event coverage, which was a calculated decision needed for growth of the #downdiroadLIVE sub-series. I do want to assure you roadies out there to fret not because at the center of it all will always remain #DownDiRoad the original travel series. All of the sub-series that have been created as a culmination of my efforts are extensions of #DownDiRoad, and I will never stray far from the root of it all – travel!

With that said, let me take you back to this video I did in January. I never wrote about it so here’s a quick rundown.

The Blue Mountain Culinary Trail is an effort curated by the Jamaica Tourism Linkages Network.

“The Jamaica Blue Mountain Culinary Trail will be geared at showcasing not only eateries but also the various attractions, estates and manufacturing spaces (such as for preserves) in the Blue Mountain region.”

Essentially, the trail is a formal recognition of all the top food and recreation attractions in the Blue Mountain region (namely Irish Town, Newcastle & Mavis Bank).

To date participating stakeholders include:

  • Belcour Lodge
  • Crystal Edge Restaurant
  • Café Blue-Irish Town
  • Strawberry Hill Hotel
  • Craighton Estates
  • Serendipity Holistic Resort and Spa
  • Heritage Gardens
  • EITS Café
  • New Castle
  • The Gap Café
  • Holywell Recreational Park
  • Old Tavern Coffee Estate
  • Blue Ride Restaurant and Cottages

I have been to majority of these entities before at one point or another, but on this specific adventure I travelled to Holywell, EITS Cafe & Cafe Blue with my Mother & visiting Aunt. The experiences were amazing! Holywell has been called the unofficial DownDiRoad base due to our frequent visits, and nothing has changed it always feels like the first time there every single time! What was also a big coincidence was that the crew had a cookout at Holywell the weekend before, so that is also an added surprise to the video! EITS Cafe is a beautiful oasis in the mountain, and if you’ve never seen our nation bird up close (Hummingbird) you have the chance to be amazed! The food of course is the main attraction, and EITS has a mean Barrel Roasted chicken. Cafe Blue without a doubt is serving some of the most premium coffee products being produced from the Blue Mountains. Imagine sipping your freshly brewed coffee while overlooking the lush greenery of the Blue Mountains. It’s quite the setting to be refreshed and get some reading done, have a business meeting, or even have a nice romantic lunch. 10/10 would recommend heading on the trail, as these places are all within a quick 20-60 minute drive out of Kingston (depending on eatery of course).

Have a look at the images captured as well as the compilation video to go along with it. Do subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven’t already, and always remember to ask yourself; “where will di road lead you today?

-Doofy Duane



Blue Mountain Culinary Trail

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