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Crav’nish Tea Party

It’s officially Summer and we couldn’t be more grateful. 2020 has really had a whirlwind of a start. Having made it safely and healthily through the first 6 months of a global pandemic, we thought we should celebrate a little… in true Crav’nish style.
We had a small tea party with all the trimmings, tea, cake, breadsticks, wine, rum. Yeah, you saw right wine and rum. I mean, it’s still summer, why not have tea with a little oomph? We partnered with a local [Jamaican] Tea Boutique brand Likkle Tea (@likkletea) and opted to create tea-based cocktails that we think would be perfect for the hot summer ahead.
Likkle Tea is a boutique Jamaican Tea Brand that started in 2017. They specialise in crafting premium loose-leaf teas and tisane blends. When we first met the brand in 2017, they were a tea subscription box, the first of its kind in the island. Fast forward 3 years later and Likkle Tea has expanded the brand to provide ready-made Tea Cocktails, Bubble Teas, Matcha Teas, Tea Collections which include a wide selection of Black, White, Oolong and Green Tea Blends, as well as Herbal and Rooibos tisanes. They have their signature tea blends which are available year-round and a few which are seasonal.
So for the Tea Party, we thought trying a few iced tea cocktails would be great-Sangria Iced Tea, Iced Tea Spritzer, Boozy Iced Tea and an Iced Tea Mojito, but how could we not get fancy with at least one hot brew. We added a Hot Toddy to the mix for some excitement.
We won’t get into all the excitement here, go to the Down Di Road YouTube page to watch the fun.
Summer Tea Party w/ Likkle Tea | #Cravnish
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If you’re feeling Crav’nish and want to try a mix or two of your own; Here are the recipes we made right below, followed by our photo gallery. Enjoy!
– Yesh
Hot Toddy [Serves 6]
Heritage Collection Loose Leaf Tea
12 oz Boiling Water
4 tbsp Simple Syrup
6 oz Whiskey [Brandy or Bourbon]
4 Cinnamon stick
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
Add water, loose leaf tea, simple syrup, whiskey and lemon juice to a pot and boil on medium heat. Once boiling lower the heat to a simmer and allow to simmer stirring often for approximately 5-10 minutes. The water will turn a nice rich brown colour. Turn off stove.
Strain and pour the mixture into teacups over cinnamon sticks. Add more simple syrup, if you desire it sweeter and enjoy!
**If you don’t have cinnamon sticks, substitute a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Summer Lightning Ices Tea Sparkler: [Serves 8]
4 tbsp Summer Lightning Loose Leaf Tea
16 oz Sparkling Soda Water
1 Cup Simple Syrup
4 cups Cava Sutra Sparkling Wine
Fruit got garnish
Steep tea for 6 or more hours in room temperature sparkling water. In a large pitcher, combine sparkling tea and simple syrup; stir. Add ice to pitcher and stir in sparkling wine. Refrigerate until chilled. 
Garnish with fruits if so desired.

Annie John Iced Tea Mojito: [Serves 1]

4 Mint leaves
1 tbsp Lime juice
1/2 cup brewed iced tea
1 oz white rum
1.5 tbsp simple syrup
Steep tea for 6 or more hours in room temperature water. Muddle mint leaves and lime juice. Add in sweetened tea and rum, shake or stir. Add ice & serve.

Smile Orange Boozy Iced Tea: [Serves 8]

16 oz room temperature water
4 tsp Smile Orange Loose Leaf Tea
3 tbsp Simple Syrup
1.5 cups of White Rum
1 lime or lemon
3-5 mint/sage sprigs
handful of berries
Steep tea in room temperature water for 6 or more hours. Sweeten to taste with simple syrup. Add remaining ingredients. Mix together. Stir. Add ice & serve.
[Tea Party Photo Gallery]

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