The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Festival was the first of it’s kind in Jamaica.

The three day inaugural event was a celebration of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, curated by the Ministry of Tourism. The downdiroadja squad was in attendance on Day 2, scheduled to be the ‘Festival Marketplace’ and held at the JDF soldier camp in Newcastle St. Andrew. Based on Newcastle’s location and size, the organizers had hourly shuttles which trasported patrons from from UTech to the event ground. The setup was straight forward, with a wide variety of coffee based products and great entertainment (big up The Charles Town Maroons & big up Singy Singy). The coffee products were wide, with patrons choosing from coffee beverages, to coffee infused food, ice cream, facial products, arts and crafts, and a whole bunch more. There was so much it felt like a world-wind sometimes, especially on a coffee high. For it’s first staging I think the execution was pretty well done, and hopefully next time the team and I can try more of the food based items (after 5 cups of coffee, it’s crazy after that high starts getting low LOL).

You can check out their website for more info on the other two days of the festival –>

We ready for next year!

Check out the photo gallery of the event below!


JA Coffee Festival

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