UNPLGD – w/ Sevana & Jesse Royal

Greetings roadies, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all these things! It’s been awfully quiet over here, but as you may or may not know It’s Reggae Month in Jamaica so we had to come out and represent at a few events. Up first, we passed through UNPLGD on Feb. 10 which featured acoustic performances […]

Red Bull Culture Clash

  Greetings roadies! Fancy seeing you here! Is long time we don’t hold a nice reason don’t? It’s been a busy two months but let’s talk. As long as this blog has been active, our focus has been travel, food and music content. When Red Bull announced that their yearly Culture Clash sound system battle would […]

Exploring Folly Ruins

Greetings my side! Big up all the roadies! A few weekends ago, we headed out to Portland to shoot a scene for an upcoming #DownDiRoad special. In between locations we stopped at this place called Folly Ruins. Now every time I drive through Port Antonio, I have always passed the Folly cricket oval & heard […]

#chippinDownDiRoad – 2019

Greetings Roadies! Finally, the madness has ended. It was a crazy carnival week in Jamaica & another successful jump day as revellers took to the street for the Jamaica carnival road march on April 28th, 2019. You can’t have a road focused event without downdiroad.com being in attendance, & we were there again for another […]

Frenchman’s Cove w/ the Marbana Crew

Greetings roadies! Do good & good will follow! For some time it has been our prerogative to showcase Jamaica and it’s beauty. Portland has been a parish that we visit quite often & we have featured several Portland locations on this blog & on our #DownDiRoad travelogue. For Easter weekend 2018 the crew took a trip […]

JA Rum Fest 2019

Greetings roadies! No long talking today! Rum Fest was definitely a hit! From the organization to execution, it was an all around lovely affair. Check out our highlights below. JA RUM FESTIVAL 2019 AIDONIA – YEAH YEAH LIVE @ RUM FEST   JA RUM FESTIVAL 2019 PHOT GALLERY Please follow and like us: