June 8, 2018

Jamaica Inn – Cottage 6

Greeetingssssss to all the downdiroad.com faithfuls! Thanks for journeying down di road with me & the crew so far. If you’re new here thanks for jumping in the car & joining the party! It’s crazy, we made it to Season 3 of #DownDiRoad! Since the beginning, you all wanted more videos so here you have it, more videos! We are about to embark on some new adventures & I hope you all enjoy the first episode of this season, a little tour of Cottage 6 at the Jamaica Inn Hotel in Ocho Rios. #DOWNDIROAD SEASON 3 – EPISODE 1 – COTTAGE 6     So boom, my old coworker &…

May 10, 2018

Reach Falls – DownDiRoad Season 3 – The Prelude

Hey stranger…. It’s been a while. I know you missed DownDiRoad but in life, balance is key. Sometimes a little break is needed, but hey guess what we back again on this rollercoaster ride down di road! The original goal of downdiroad.com was to highlight Jamaican culture, via our travels and adventures throughout the country. Almost a year later, and the goal is still the same. The team & I have been focusing on curating the visual aspects of downdiroad.com, & with that focus three new series’ have been introduced to the website and YouTube channel. #downdiroadLIVE, #chippinDownDiRoad & #deTour all happened & the viewers seem to like them a…

February 17, 2018

Dubwise Jamaica – David Rodigan’s 40th Anniversary

  BRAND NEW #downdiroadLIVE!       On Saturday February 10th – 2018, droves of fans came out to celebrate the 40th anniversary of David ‘Ramjam’ Rodigan coming to Jamaica and falling in love with her Reggae music. 10A West King’s House Road was the location, the former home of Mr. Perry Henzell who is most famous for directing ‘The Harder They Come.’ If you’re unfamiliar with Rodigan and his work, the British dj has had a special affair with dancehall and reggae music over his long career. Most famous for his radio broadcasts and sound clashes, Rodigan has earned his respect as one of the greatest Reggae & Dancehall selectors…

January 20, 2018


Yowwwwww! St. Elizabeth, Jamaica! I didn’t familiarize myself with the parish affectionately called St. Bess until 2017 on a drive out to Negril. The south coast of Jamaica is a gem of beauty I tell you! It’s the last #DownDiRoad with Sasha (*thug tears*). We went to St. Elizabeth for the day & made a few stops. J. Charles Swaby’s Black River Safari – sick tour of the Black River with nufff crocodiles & wild birds! Floyd’s Pelican Bar – the famous bar made of stilted driftwood, located in the middle of the Parottee Bay. Very “wavvyyy” Jack Sprat Seafood & Pizza – The famous restaurant at Jakes Hotel in…

January 11, 2018

Chasing Monkey Island – Part 3 – WE MADE IT!

Finally! Jeezam peez! After all this time I made it! (*thug tear*) Sasha is in the building again. We rafted, went to Monkey Island, and I almost lost my brand new GoPro! Murda…..   Watch EP 6 of #DownDiRoad Season 2 – CHASING MONKEY ISLAND – and check out the photo gallery below for some sick visuals!       You can also check out the older pieces on the website if you want more details on Monkey Island’s history, as well as a detailed review on the Blue Lagoon rafting tours. CLICK ME! –> CHASING MONKEY ISLAND – PART 1 – SAN SAN BEACH <– CLICK ME! CLICK ME! –> CHASING…

January 5, 2018

The Longboarder – Surfer’s Paradise

Boom! Another week another adventure! Check out the newest episode of #DownDiRoad below, but please stay for the full story & photo gallery of our adventure.   When last have you been somewhere new? Are you living your best life? I think I’ve been doing pretty well at new things, but there is so much room for more. At one point in my life I used to make New Year’s resolutions, but these days I like to make LIFE resolutions. I mean, why wait when you know what you want? One of my recent life resolutions is to simply, ‘do more.’ I don’t pride myself on material objects. I have…

November 10, 2017

Devon House – It’s Not Just I-Scream

Devon House, Kingston Jamaica.   When you hear the words Devon House the first thing that comes to mind is ice cream. I mean that’s what Devon House is world famous for right? Before it even made it to all the “Top-Ten ice creams in the world” lists, Devon House had been serving both locals & tourists their world famous ‘i-scream’ for over twenty five years, but take a deeper look at this National Heritage site & a broader picture starts to form. In my earliest memories of Devon House, I remember going for ice cream on Sunday evenings with my family, and in my later years hanging out on…

October 31, 2017


  Greetings & salutations jenkle people!! Food Food Food! The third staging of the week long Jamaica Food & Drink festival has come to a close and based on the reviews on social media, it looks like it was a hit! The festival consisted of 7 events, but the team and I only made it out to Meet Street which we have done every year since the inception of the festival. Personally, it’s a joy to see the growth of local brands as the years progress, and it’s great that the organizers have created a festival like this with different themed events catering to people from all walks of life….

October 14, 2017


“mi future brighter than sunshine,  plus mi granny tell me this one time.” Andre ‘Popcaan’ Sutherland – New Level   Waddup peeps?!? The season finale of my #DownDiRoad series is finally here! I’ve been documenting my adventures across Jamaica and finally the first phase is complete! Season 1 is done and Episode 10 is here, which highlights a few of our favourite moments and also previews the theme of season two – FOOD & DRINK.   Shot on location at Level 96 Bar and Lounge, check out #DownDiRoad Episode 10 below, but continue reading this blog post for a recap of #DownDiRoad Season 1 with ALL EPISODES and links to…

October 7, 2017

Hy Altitude! – A Day at the Hyatt Ziva & Zilara Resorts

Another week another adventure! This one has actually been in the vault cooking up until the perfect time. A few weeks ago another Jamaican blogger reached out to me with the interest of doing a collab. I’m very spur of the moment, so two days later we were on our way down di road, headed to Montego Bay to partake in a day-pass adventure at the Hyatt Ziva & Hyatt Zilara All-Inclusive resorts. Nicholas Martin aka TheJamaicanAbroad is compiling a list of “The Best All-Inclusive Daycation Resorts.” For a detailed breakdown on pricing, hotel & booking information, please ensure you check out his piece THE BEST ALL-INCLUSIVE DAYCATION RESORTS: HYATT ZIVA &…