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Bob Marley Beach

Boom blast! Another weekend another adventure! The brand new episode of #DownDiRoad is now available for your viewing pleasure!


#DownDiRoad Episode 3 – Bob Marley Beach

So this week we head out to a very low key beach in St. Thomas called Bob Marley beach. It’s mostly traversed by surfers, local fishermen & local kids of St. Thomas, but it is still a great alternative for Kingstonians looking for a beach outside of Portmore. They say Bob Marley used to hang out here in his early days & that’s how it got it’s name.

It’s pretty easy to find once you pass the Harbour View roundabout, you drive about 8 – 10 minutes into Bull Bay & look for the sign on the right side of the road (Google maps is your friend). Once you take that right turn, it’s one straight shot over the bridge & through the seaside community towards the beach.

The beachside is huge & the mountain backdrop is a great addition to it’s aesthetic. It’s beautiful and like pretty much all the other beaches in St. Thomas it’s black sand, so there’s lots of pebbles and the water is a bit rough (which is why it’s great for surfing). Regardless, it’s probably one of the best beaches in St. Thomas. It’s quiet and none of the locals are trying to sell you anything. It’s an ideal place for friends to have a beach link up.

Enjoy the photo gallery of the beach below & let us know when you decide to go to this beach! See you next week!

Until the next one. Peace! – Doofbert


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Bob Marley Beach

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