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Bluefields Beach Park

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Published at 2020, June 20
Welcome back to another episode of #DownDiRoad!

We outside all summer! In the first of a multi-par
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Roadies! Welcome back to #DownDiRoad!

The road is free and we are finally able to share some new videos with you all!

So boom, the squad decided to take a trip out to the west side of Jamaica for a weekend. This video here was recorded from our first stop at Bluefields Beach Park, located in Bluefields, Westmoreland.

Now let me tell you, Bluefields is beautiful! The beach is very easy to find on Google maps. It’s right next door to the Bluefields Bay Villas so once you turn on the property for the beach you can park close by and head down to the beach. The beach is operated by UDC and entry is free, you only pay for bathroom use. The beach itself is in pristine condition; beautiful white sand, clear water, minimal rocks and minimal hassle. It’s a beach that you can hang out with either friends or family, do some swimming or even just sit under the trees and read a book. 10/10 recommend! Beautiful, truly.

Do remember to like the new #DownDiRoad video on Youtube. Look our for the next adventure very very soon! Photo gallery below.

Bless up. – Duane



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