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The Best from West – Roaring River, Blue Hole Gardens and Mayfield Falls

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Published at 2020, June 27
Welcome back to another episode of #DownDiRoad!

We outside again! As we continue our West Coast jou
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Published at 2020, June 27
Welcome back to another episode of #DownDiRoad!

We continued deep into Westmoreland and explored t
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Greetings again roadies, and welcome back!

It is such a joy to be back out roaming Jamaica and of course writing blog posts again! Since you’ve watched those two videos up top as well as the Bluefields video last weekend (click-me), let me tell you this Westmoreland story real quick! 

Westmoreland; the westernmost parish in Jamaica, located on the south side of the island. Kingston has been a hard place to live these past few months. I can’t say I have had much experiences on the West side; once in high school for a class trip, and another time for a weekend in Negril in the early #DownDiRoad days! We’ve been stuck inside so we truly just needed a weekend outside, and going to the West was the perfect start for our trip.

Negril Weekend (Views From The Other Side) - [DDRSE01E04]
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Published at 2017, September 03
Welcome back to another episode of DownDiRoad!

On this adventure Doofy & the squad head out to Negr
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This adventure continues after we left the Bluefields Beach and headed up into a community called Petersfield. The countryside is so different. Herds of cows, kids walking from the river, fresh air and open land. Roaring River runs through its community and the spot we stopped was the local watering hole. You don’t pay to go to the river, so you can park up and find a nice spot, but usually, you would pay to go into the Blue Hole Gardens which was closed at the time. Funny story though, if you walk along the riverside it leads to the back gate of Blue Hole, so let’s just say I did a little exploring! 

Roaring River, Westmoreland

Blue Hole Gardens, Westmoreland
Blue Hole Gardens, Westmoreland

The next stop on our trip was Mayfield Falls which is in the town of Glenbrook. The road to get to Mayfield is a bit raggedy but it’s manageable if you tek time! When you get there, you hike down a hill to the river, and it’s truly breathtaking to be at one with nature. The entry fee is usually $1000 but we got a discount and paid $800 (Remember to budget for a tip to give your guide).

Lucky for us, we basically had the place to ourselves and our guide took us up the falls showing us a lot of the watering holes and dipping spots. Our final spot was called the washing machine, and it gets the name from the sound the heavy water makes! Mayfields was honestly one of the best river experiences I’ve ever had. It is definitely more dynamic than Dunn’s River falls and highly underrated.

Mayfield Falls, Westmoreland
Mayfield Falls, Westmoreland

As always, my suggestion for you all is to get out there & explore Jamaica. If you’re ever in Westmoreland, take the drive out. You won’t be disappointed. Check out the photo gallery below!

Until the next one. Peace! – Duane


Roaring River Gallery

Mayfield Falls Gallery


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