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Bae Vibes – Bae Trap

#downdiroadLIVE is back again!


Real quick, check out the newest episode featuring yours truly Duane aka Doofy! This week #DownDiRoad is literally LIVE! Yes, after a long hiatus I’ve finally decided to make an appearance as a dj at my good friend Stamma’s bi-weekly Bee Vibes event. This one was close to my heart, because I usually have some reasoning sessions with Stamma & brainstorm ideas for the event, so jokingly I told him he should do a Trap / Hip-Hop edition & let me dj. Turns out he actually did give me a link to dj & I think it went pretty well considering it’s been a few years since I hung up my “dj headphones.”


Check out the vibes from Bae Vibes right here & if you want to listen to some live audio from the early round of Bae Trap, check out my Soundcloud page at http://soundloud.com/djdoofy. Big up to all who came out & maybe you’ll see Doofy live some time soon you never know!

Peace – Duane




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