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Açai Cafe – A Virtual Tour

Greeting roadies!

In the beautiful parish of Portland – Jamaica, there is brand new gem in the town of Long Bay. Açai Cafe is a brand new juice bar bringing some brand new chic vibes to the usually calm town of Long Bay. I did a virtual tour of the establishment and tried out one of the berry smoothies, which was absolutely delicious! The next time you’re in Long Bay, make a stope at Açai. You can even order food from the nearby restaurants and dine there, or take a walk along the beach. You won’t regret it! Enjoy the virtual tour below.

– Duane

Acai Cafe - Long Bay, Portland - Virtual Tour | #Cravnish
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Published at 2020, August 12
Welcome back to another episode of #Cravnish!

On our recent trip to Portland, we took a rest stop a
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