As a Tourism and Hospitality professional living in Kingston, I have a deep rooted love and appreciation for my island Jamaica. Over the years it has been a hobby of mine to go exploring throughout the island; whether it’s going to a new event, visiting a river or beach in the countryside, or simply just discovering a new restaurant. I find that when it comes to tourism and Jamaican culture, I always want to be in the know and I have a passion for sharing these experiences with others. 

That passion has lead me to this point and up until the inception of this website, I have always catalogued my adventures via my social media pages. Friends and followers have continuously suggested that I document these adventures in a more formal manner, so it is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to downdiroad.com!

With this website my team and I hope to share our adventures, while shedding some light on the tourism and hospitality industry in Jamaica as well as various aspects of Jamaican culture. This blog was created with a written focus, but with the introduction of our YouTube channel we have opened up a whole new world of visual experiences via the DownDiRoad travel series and Crav’nish food series. As we grow, we will continually introduce new ideas to this space, so and I am so happy that you have taken the time out to see what downdiroad is all about.

Thank you all for joining me on this adventure, and if you’re reading this I implore you buckle up, journey with di crew, and follow us as we go down di road! 🚗💨🌴

Bless up!

– Duane “Doofy” Phillips [Founder – downdiroad.com]